Welcome to scwilloughby.com, the online portfolio of graphic designer / user interface designer Scott Willoughby. Here you will see some recent examples of my design work and learn a little bit about my design philosophy. I am currently taking on freelance projects, so feel free to get in touch for a quote.


The importance of graphic design to a business of any size cannot be overstated. It is your identity, your public face, and it is often the biggest impression you will make on a potential client. A consistent brand identity conveys a sense of stability and professionalism and leaves a permanent impression.


A good rapport between client and designer is critical for creating a successful design. I try to establish this communication as early on in the process as possible.A client will always have some vision in mind, but might have trouble articulating it. Keeping the lines of communication open is the best way to make sure the final product is to the client's liking. Ideally, the process follows this outline:

    1. Initial Conversations
  • Goal Setting
  • Client Delivers Content
  • Market Research
    2. Design Process Begins
  • Early Drafts Created
  • Client Feedback
  • First Round of Revisions
  • Client Feedback
    3. Design Process Cont.
  • Second Round of Revisions
  • Client Approval
    4. Final Delivery
  • Working Files Delivered
  • Hard Copies Delivered
  • Website Launched



UI Design
User interface design is a growing part of our everyday lives. This is how we interact with machines from Ipads to ATMs, mobile phones, games, and more. I have spent the last two years doing UI design for the video game industry and have loved every minute of it.


Web Design
The web continues to be one of my favorite venues to design for. With the ever-changing landscape of browsers and technologies, this is one of the most dynamic environment for a graphic designer to work in. With the advent of CSS 3, we will all soon be in for a much more functional and good-looking web experience.

printing press

Print Design
Designing for print presents it's own unique set of challenges. I have designed everything from business cards, invitations, flyers, trade show posters, and other promotional material. Despite the rise of digital design, there will always be a need for good print designers.


Apparel Design
I have several years experience designing graphics and logos for the sporting apparel industry. During this time I had the opportunity to work with hundreds of clients, and designed thousands of original sports graphics.

Scott Willoughby Graphic Design